IQVIA vs. VEEVA: Comparing Pharma's Top Platforms

IQVIA vs. VEEVA: Comparing Pharma’s Top Platforms

Customer experience has never been so paramount. You’ve heard it plenty of times: in order to stand out, you have to get personal. And the Pharma industry is no exception.

The introduction of VEEVA Systems in 2007 was a major step forward for the industry; one that allowed pharmaceutical reps to streamline all the compliances that can complicate the customer experience. In one unified CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform, companies have unparalleled control over content and data across any channel.

Recently, an old friend of the industry has emerged to dispute the crown: IQVIA. With a ton of the same capabilities as VEEVA, there are some key differences that may sway marketers one way or the other. Here’s everything you need to know about the two major platforms changing the game in Pharma.

Main Capabilities of Both Platforms
IQVIA is actually very similar to VEEVA in that both platforms share a lot of the same connected intelligence to achieve the most important objectives of the global life sciences industry. And earning the IQVIA OCE (Orchestrated Customer Engagement) certification gets you access to all of it. Here are a few examples of the capabilities:

  • CLM Content Management CLM (Closed Loop Marketing) presentations are one of the most valuable components of these platforms. Using modern web technologies as the foundation, reps can share relevant documents and materials that eliminate inefficiencies, improve transparency, and enhance user experience. They can also add powerful data tools that offer important, real-time insights — like HCP reactions and behaviors — to guide and improve future strategies.
  • Engaging Presentations – Reps can make interactions more valuable through video meetings. Using integration of typical video calling platforms, like Zoom, you can track key messages and even record user’s reactions to the content they see on screen. On top of that, these platforms automatically ensure the distribution and display of everything is compliant with all health-industry regulations.
  • Customized Emails – Marketers can build HTML emails using specific workflows that approve all necessary content before it’s sent. Reps can completely customize these emails with specific data and content based on the interests and specialties that are most relevant to the HCP receiving it — all of which VEEVA reports 10X the open rates of typical emails.  

The Main Differences Between VEEVA and IQVIA.
With all these great features available on each platform, what makes IQVIA different from VEEVA? 

  • Cost. This is a big one. While VEEVA has become a standard for Big Pharma companies, IQVIA’s affordable price tag is much more appealing to small and mid-sized companies. How affordable? For full access to produce, version, and host all material within the platform, a VEEVA certification costs $10-15,000/year for teams, while IQVIA OCE is just $3,000. However unlike IQVIA, VEEVA does not require a certification to access modules and services — but having one earns you rank as an official VEEVA partner and is important to proving your expertise amongst competitors.
  • Training. Unlike VEEVA’s individual certification process, IQVIA takes an agency-based approach. They offer live sessions taught by an instructor that your team can take together, and it concludes with a physical presentation. Compared to VEEVA’s self-paced, online courses, it’s safe to say IQVIA takes a more personalized learning approach. 
  • Augmented Reality. As of right now, IQVIA has yet to get on board the AR implementation train. VEEVA, on the other hand, was doing it before it was cool. This capability allows reps to illustrate how a disease or treatment works/evolves within the body, giving HCPs complete control over what they see and how they see it. As talks of the Metaverse heighten among major platforms, these capabilities may become more of a focus — and expectation — across the board.  

Making the Right Choice & How Assemble Can Help
Choosing the right platform for your company comes down to having the right team to support you. The Assemble team is experienced and fully certified in VEEVA and IQVIA. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have in regard to either platform and help you take your Pharma client engagement to the next level. Contact us to discuss your goals today. 

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