Why More Pharma Companies are Moving to VEEVA and How We Can Help You

Innovating new ways to enhance customer engagement has never been so popular. And in the life sciences field, it’s never been more important. And that’s why you may have noticed the industry is moving towards unified platforms that help simplify and streamline all the approvals and compliances that can complicate the customer experience.

VEEVA is one of those platforms. As the most widely-used system in the biotechnology and pharma fields, it’s easy to see the benefit there. But there’s a reason it’s become the standard for the entire industry. And that’s why Assemble has made it a priority to offer more services and opportunities for clients using VEEVA technology.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is VEEVA?
The CRM application is built on the Salesforce platform and is designed specifically for the global life sciences industry,  helping companies plan, execute, and manage customer interactions across any channel, while following all health industry regulations.

“VEEVA offers an ecosystem of solutions that facilitate the work of marketing teams as they share products and services with HCPs (Healthcare Professionals),” explains Fabian Miranda, Senior Web Developer / VEEVA Tech Lead at Assemble. “VEEVA allows pharma reps to share relevant material about products and services to their audience, through face-to-face calls or even remote calls, while companies utilize its tools to gain actionable insights into their interactions.”

Fabian has spent the last 10 years mastering the VEEVA platform, which has given him an expertise that’s proven through not one platform certification, but three. “There are two categories of certifications; one more technical for developers, while the other focuses on the business aspects. My three certifications are in CLM Content, VEEVA Engage for Meetings, and Approved Emails. Each of these aspects of the platform allow us to help clients engage with their customers in more meaningful ways.”

A Glimpse of How VEEVA Engagement Works
Each of Fabian’s certifications come in three of the most important customer engagement opportunities. This is how they each work…

  1. CLM Content
    CLM (Closed Loop Marketing) presentations are probably the most valuable component of the VEEVA platform. Reps can share relevant documents and materials built on modern web technologies. In addition to enhanced usability and user experience, they also add powerful tools to get important insights for marketing teams to improve their future strategies based on data.

    “You can automatically record sales calls and get actionable, real-time insights of every single key message within the presentation, such as duration, positive/negative/neutral reactions by the HCP,  or custom actions like interactions that trigger specific CTAs,” Fabian adds. “We can also help build immersive AR content within the platform that actually displays products into a customer’s actual surroundings to offer more memorable interactions. Reps and marketers are given a lot more control into their natural CRM workflow by not only having all their documents and data in one place, but also the interactions they have with their customers too.” 

  2. Engage for Meetings
    And these interactions include Engage for Meetings. VEEVA enhances the ability to reach and interact with customers through compliant, video meetings by integrating typical video calling platforms, like Zoom. But there are two main differences: The first being that VEEVA also tracks all key messages shown, and even allows rep to record user’s reactions to the content they see on screen. The second is that it ensures the distribution and display of everything is compliant with all health-industry regulations. And the experience is a lot better too.

    “Engaged meetings are growing fast,” Fabian adds. “During the pandemic, numbers skyrocketed in terms of utilization (up 1,296%), but they also significantly increased in duration as well. Typical face-to-face meetings were averaging around 2 min, but now we’re seeing around 20 min with Engage for Meetings. In addition to the convenience of being remote, they are much more effective in regard to how you share products, enabling marketers to utilize the time more efficiently and make interactions more valuable.”

  3. CRM Approved Emails
    In 2020 alone, the number of approved emails sent through VEEVA has increased 553%. With the strict regulations that typically caused friction in the customer engagement process, the platform helps extend face-to-face conversations without compromising compliance.

    “We can build HTML emails using a specific VEEVA workflow that approves all necessary content before it’s sent to the HCP,” explains Fabian. “Even further, reps can pick and choose specific fragments of data reflecting topics in which the HCP was most interested, which can be loaded individually to send via email. This process makes it easier to share more relevant content which resonates with your customers.”  So much so, in fact, that open rates are proven to be 10x higher than typical mass emails.

How Assemble Can Help.
Similar to the process of other web projects, Assemble can be your partner in creating content properly optimized for this unique platform. Whether you provide us access to your VEEVA account or we migrate the completed content from our environment to yours, we’ll help make the process simple with guidance and expertise to ensure you get the best results. Contact us to learn more today.

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