VEEVA Generative AI Tool

Big news for our Pharma friends: VEEVA is the latest digital platform to embrace AI Chatbot technology to elevate their user experience. And they’re doing it in a big way.

The leading cloud-based software company in global life sciences is creating the next generation of the industry’s CRM — offering the full functionality of the current VEEVA CRM with new generative AI capabilities that resemble ChatGPT. And even better, it’s going to open the door to future innovation for pharma sales and field teams for years to come.

Introducing: Vault CRM. Here’s what we know.

What is Vault CRM?

In 2024, VEEVA plans to replace their current CRM with all-new technology built on the VEEVA Vault Platform, and they’re calling it Vault CRM. The new CRM will host all the same capabilities as the current, while also blending customized ChatGPT-like tools to help reps easily source client information and personalize their pitches. This includes their CRM Bot, which will blend VEEVA’s general data sets with a pharma company’s unique product data, allowing reps to ask specific questions about a physician or hospital and get answers instantly.

How CRM Bot is Helping Pharma Reps

VEEVA’s new CRM Bot embraces all the perks of a ChatGPT-like tool, giving reps the ability to get very specific answers to any question they have regarding their customers. So unlike chat bots of the past where the content generated is already preconfigured from existing resources and limited to certain options, CRM Bot will have the ability to compose highly-tailored content in real-time. So users aren’t limited to a small collection of predetermined keywords to source the answers; they’re tailored completely to the datasets of the platform and the individuals using it daily.

Here’s what that may look like: Maybe a rep wants to know the 5 most recent products purchased by a specific HCP to incorporate more strategic information in their next follow up. Or a rep could request a quick report on all the medical procedures a certain doctor performed in the last three months to tailor their next conversation to the types of products most relevant to them.

At the same time, reps can use CRM Bot similar to traditional search — only more intelligent. The technology can also collect and regurgetate lists of reference materials from the VEEVA database based on rep queries to support client communications. As a result, reps can better prepare themselves for highly inquisitive HCPs by providing sources for their claims without all the extra digging and filtering.

To put it simply, easy and instant access to exact information is the common benefit here.

Overcoming Pharma Industry Challenges

One of the key things to note with VEEVA’s new Chat CRM is one trait that will make it different from the current ChatGPT — one that hasn’t come without challenges. While many industries have been willing to accept the idea that AI-generated content is helpful, but not necessarily 100% accurate, Pharma certainly isn’t. Being such a highly regulated industry that demands precision, getting these tools right for the VEEVA platform requires next-level accuracy. Engineers will have to focus heavily on creating high-functioning rules and logic that filter out falseness to ensure full confidence in the outcomes.

Similarly, the personalized nature of CRM Bot will help ensure the high-level of security that Pharma also requires. Because while the foundation knowledge base relies on VEEVA’s default dataset (aka generic knowledge on the life sciences industry) which is accessible to all, the second layer is built out of information gathered from users via CRM, as well as specific documentation about products and services entered by a pharma company — which is owned only by that company and their sales rep. This ensures the robust security of the innovation, research, and products of each individual Pharma brand.

How Assemble Can Help You Prepare

For now, Assemble’s VEEVA experts are staying on top of the latest updates from the platform on the development of these new tools and their potential capabilities for users.

With the recent development of Open AI’s own API which gives the web community access to the same technology that powers their ChatGPT, we’re already seeing various external teams cexploring how to create new tools with similar capabilities. And so we’re excited to see where this new Chatbot technology will take the Pharma world — and beyond. We’ll be keeping an eye on how these tools can be further integrated into CRM presentations to provide more unique and detailed insights to elevate the experiences they provide.

For more information on everything VEEVA, Assemble is your go-to resource. Contact us to learn more today.

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