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How Digital Booths are Redefining the Tradeshow Experience

When the entire world went remote, in-person events had to get creative. Presentations, celebrations, social activities, team bonding, networking — everything went virtual. Or at least they tried to. Trade shows were no exception. But how can a pharma vendor possibly be as effective through a computer screen as they would with an in-person interaction?

Some companies didn’t think they could. So they opted out, hoping for better luck next year. But then there were teams like Assemble, who went a different route. We were determined to use the resources and technology we did have to create a fully immersive experience for attendees in a virtual environment. And it’s turned into a trend that will continue to change the game for both pharma companies and customers into the future.

Introducing digital booths. Here’s how your pharma team could be using them and why they could change the future of trade shows.

What are Digital Booths?
A digital booth is a virtual recreation of a physical trade show booth with interactive elements and life-like visuals designed to replicate the in-person experience that an attendee would have at a typical trade show.

“Digital booths have given companies the ability to provide potential customers with an interactive experience that mimics what they would expect in-person,” Shanon Mendez, Senior Project Manager at Assemble, explained. “Attendees can click various hot spots to get more information in the form of various media, or prompt real-time live chats or Zoom calls for a face-to-face conversation with a rep.”

Utilizing videos, PDFs, iframes, links to other websites, and more, visitors can control their exploration of the products and services from a vendor’s booth with the ability to get answers and info from a sales rep just like they would in person. AR/VR technology only takes this experience to another level, allowing vendors to create the illusion for users of actually walking through the booth in real-time.

And if you really miss the bustle of a crowded trade show floor, there’s technology to help with that. “We have clients who even want the background noise to imitate that of a tradeshow,” Shanon added, “so we built the frame for a 3D vista file that uses 4D cinema elements to create the hum of background discussions, sounds, and more.”

Why Digital Booths Have Taken Over Pharma While digital booths can be a powerful tool for any industry, the success that they’ve had within the pharma industry is one we can definitely speak to. And there are three main benefits fueling this popularity: Flexibility, longevity, and ROI.

“Digital booths take unique experiences to the next level,” Ricardo Chamberlain Noboa, Digital Producer/Client-Facing Project Manager at Assemble explains. “You have one main stage with clickable hotspots that lead the user to multiple stages in seconds; you’re able to create totally different environments for a multi-level experience for attendees all within the same booth.

“It’s also completely scalable. We’re building these booths on a CMS, so our client can use the sites for multiple events. We can clone the product, enabling them to make any changes to the images, colors, assets, copy, etc. whenever they want without having to create a new site each time. The one-time investment offers a large ROI when you can do all the maintenance yourself.”

So not only can vendors offer attendees a unique, dynamic user journey outside of the capabilities of many physical booths, but companies aren’t stuck with a printed design and costly changes for each new show. Digital booths allow their content to live beyond the event dates and to be shared and accessed more easily.

“We have clients who we’ve cloned their original booth design multiple times now as they continue to use them for subsequent events. They love the user-friendly aspect; that they can make all the necessary changes themselves.”

And as in-person events make their triumphant return, digital booths will only diversify the opportunities for event hosts and vendors alike. “Expanding these events with a virtual arm in the future would allow for even more attendees and connections,” Shanon shared. “For companies without the budget or time to travel across the country for these shows, they can opt for a virtual experience at a discounted price instead of missing out completely. And reversely, event planners aren’t constrained by venue sizes and location, so they can broaden the participation and reach for any event.”

Creating a Digital Booth for Your Next Event
Assemble’s evolving experience with digital booth production has allowed our PMs and developers to double as trusted guides throughout the process. “Right from the start, we think through any and all possible features and functionality that the client may want or need in the future,” Shanon explained. “The more we can push the client to understand their needs moving forward, the better we can prepare their site for simple changes down the road, saving them time and money.”

“Ideally, the client will come to us as early as possible so we can be part of the brainstorming session and recommend the best solutions to cover their future needs,” Ricardo added. “When we are pulled in later on in the process, we often have to identify issues and make updates that could have been avoided when you have someone asking the right questions from the beginning. It’s always our goal to help our clients maximize the full potential of their digital booths.”

To learn more about digital booths, view some examples, and discover how these virtual experiences could enhance your event marketing now and in the future, contact Assemble today. 

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