Social Video

Social media has been a transformative force in the marketing world. And video is leading the way as the most valuable social asset. Staying on top of the latest digital trends is part of our culture at Assemble, and that’s why we’ve created a special team to bring your visions to life on all the platforms your customers expect you to be. With experience, innovation, and the right tools, we were built for video — and we’re ready to be your partner.


The minute Assemble opened its metaphorical doors, we were building videos across all platforms. Our team knows the increasing value of video to PR and communications companies, so we’ve prioritized this expertise and designed our process around elevating your experience from day one. And that means bringing together the very best minds in video production and social execution to produce effective video campaigns for Fortune 500 enterprises, leading tech companies, Pharma brands, and more. Tell us your needs, and we’ll deliver on time and above expectations.

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