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AssembleRX was created based on an understanding that Pharmaceutical production isn’t like regular production. Using a production partner who really knows Pharma makes your job easier, so you waste less time and money. We utilize our special processes, a skilled team, and proprietary tools to help make Pharma development smooth, and dare we say “painless”. 

Unmatched Experience


Intentionally built for Pharma

AssembleRX is the specialized pharmaceutical arm of Assemble, tapping into our years of experience managing Pharma jobs. We’ve designed our process around PM’s and developers with extensive Pharma expertise, who know the complexities of legal reviews and the creative cycle of hurry-up and wait. That’s why we have created a high-level Pharma digital asset development process that factors in all the starts and stops along the way, keeping your project both on-time and on-budget.

Rigor, Quality and Attention to Detail Matter Most

We believe that a deep expertise in Pharma requires a refined focus and comprehension and we know first-hand that developing marketing materials for Pharma is challenging.  That means understanding the importance of pixel perfect creative, the rules around the ISI, and the different processes of legal submissions.  Using our sequential workflow will keep your projects moving smoothly through launch. It’s why we review every bit of creative for consistency and errors and we read and re-read the ISI to ensure its accurate and correct.


SpecializeD Teams and Tools

Having a digital production partner who really knows Pharma is a game-changer for your team. The powerful combination of Pharma experience and tech talent allows us to serve your Pharma clients with precision and speed. And knowing Pharma means we have been able to create tools that make the whole process of development and submission easier; from ISI snapshots for the legal team, to scrollbar templates and prototypes for approvals. We want to make Pharma development and legal submission easier, because we know that every minute counts.  

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The Assemble Tool Box: Build-A-Mail Interface Makes Email Development Seamless

The Assemble Tool Box: Build-A-Mail Interface Makes Email Development Seamless

Let’s be honest — email development is complicated. Thanks to emerging technology, we now have multiple email clients to choose from, tons of devices to consider, and an endless list of configurations and features associated with each. But what if there was a one hub that brought all the aspects of email development together with tools that automated code generation and ensured compatibility across every client and device?

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At the core of Assemble culture is an unwavering drive to keep improving. We love to push the boundaries creatively, and we know that to do that, we have to work smarter. With the rapid development of AI technology, this focus has never been more important to stay ahead of the production game. So we research. We learn. We test. And we build. Because why should we only rely on the tools out there when we can create our own — and make them even better?

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I’m a morning person, so I like to wake up early and walk my dogs or meditate a bit to get myself in the right headspace for the day. I’ll start by going through my to-do list (I’m a big agenda girl!) and organizing all my tasks. Right now, I am working with a big Pharma client, designing social media posts, invitations to clinical trials, guides, brochures, and anything else they need as part of their overall strategy. I create some animated videos, so I develop a lot of storyboards and create and modify each asset for different platforms and placements.

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It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, everyone is talking (and debating) about AI. While we’ve seen technology come a long way over the last couple of decades, these tools are arguably the most transformative developments of our time. But like every other new wave of technology, it’s bringing a whole new language we have to learn with it — and important differentiations that need to be cleared up.

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