Client Modular Website Case Study

Sector: Hospitality

Task: Modular Websites

Project Highlights: 

  • While under a tight deadline, an international luxury hospitality brand asked Assemble to create a new WordPress website for one of their hotel locations with full editing, updating, and page creation capabilities.
  • Since none of their team had any development or coding expertise, Assemble recommended a modular site using Elementor that would make adding and updating site components easy and highly customizable
  • The client could drag and drop UI components from galleries, accordions, text-image blocks, multi-column blocks, and more into any page and incorporate their brand style.
  • This formula cut production time down drasticallyto meet the short turnaround and gave the client the ability to update and elevate their site moving forward

The Approach:
When a multinational hospitality company needed a quick turnaround on a new website for one of their new locations, they came to Assemble. To accommodate the tight production deadline, in addition to ever-changing rates and amenities, they needed a site that gave their team the ability to add updates, make edits, and create new pages — without any coding or development expertise. Given only a few general concepts and references of what the client wanted the site to look like and how it should function, Assemble opted for a modular site that would make any post-launch adjustments easy.

With the quick deadline looming, Assemble built the site on WordPress utilizing dummy/FPOimages and copy to get everything in place for the client. Using Elementor, a well-known WordPress site builder, we created a site with a simple drag and drop interface to make editing easy. We also extended its functionality by creating custom UI components, such as galleries, accordions, text-image blocks, multi-column blocks, etc., giving the client extensive control over the style of any additions made to the site.

The Big Wins:
Not only was the system extremely easy for the client to update and scale, requiring no coding or web development experience at all, but the final product was extremely high-quality and elegant — a perfect match for their high-end brand.

Even further, this system enabled us to cut the web development timeline down to a fraction to meet the client’s quick turnaround. What would typically require a month of work on regular web development, took only a week.

The client was so thrilled with both the process and the result, that they asked us to use the same system to redesign for 3 of their other high-end hotel websites in their extensive portfolio. And Assemble is excited to continue our partnership!

A Key Takeaway:
In a modular site like this, the various content blocks we incorporated are very easy to style, so the client wasn’t limited in terms of configuring to their ideal look and feel, and instead, could adjust to continue to meet their branding needs as they evolved. They could change the color scheme and alignment of any component that we had already built out for them. The client will be able to go to any specific page, and simply drag a component to the stage, then start adding their own copy and images to it to replace the current placeholders and add new content moving forward.

This formula allows non-developers to both easily create new pages and update existing pages to display final content, while keeping the creative and branding consistent across every page.

If you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective solution that gives your team the capability to maintain and update your site without any previous coding or web dev experience, let Assemble build you a modular website that meets all your marketing and SEO needs. Contact us today to discuss your project.

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