5 Ways to Embrace Visual Content in Your Marketing & Get Results

5 Ways to Embrace Visual Content in Your Marketing & Get Results

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual content is a powerful way to say more without writing more. And when it comes to marketing, it can be a game-changer. Here’s everything you need to know about visual content and 5 ways to embrace it in your marketing strategy.

What is Visual Content?
Visual content is the graphics and images you see, read, and interact with, and in marketing, it’s used to convey valuable information. Photos, ebooks, GIFs, videos, animations, motion graphics — you get the gist.

Why Does It Work?
Most people are visual learners (65%, according to Terakeet). There are countless ways to consume information, but visual content is unique because of how our brains process information. Our visual processing system is really fast, giving us the ability to interpret information almost immediately with little effort. And it works with our long-term memory too, helping us retain what we see.

For marketers, visual content makes consumption and engagement effortless with the power to influence our emotions and decision-making. To put it simply, if you don’t have visual content, you can’t have a brand presence.

How to Get Results with Visual Marketing

  1. Video
    If a brand has video embedded in their website, it’s 53x more likely to put it on the first page of Google search (Moovly). And on Instagram, organic video posts receive 38% more engagement than photos (Mention.com). These are just two examples of why video rules, yet many marketers are still reluctant to incorporate videos into their strategy because they think it’s too much work. In reality, you don’t need a big budget to reap the advantages.

    Chances are you already have a library of great creative assets that can be repurposed into animations or motion graphics. These types of videos simply combine text, images, and other elements to create a new experience for users. A production team (like here at Assemble) can help you quickly build a unique motion graphic from your existing assets that are easily adaptable for any modifications in the future.

  2. Quizzes or Polls
    If there’s one thing marketers know, it’s that people love to share their opinions. Quizzes and polls are not only an easy and fun way to get people interacting with your brand, but they can also provide helpful audience insights for future campaigns. Whether you’re asking about specific experiences with a product, encouraging them to share their point-of-view, or testing their industry knowledge (while showing off your own), quizzes are a great way to get to know your customers while boosting engagement.
  3. Infographics
    Infographics are a fantastic way to simplify overwhelming statistics or facts into an easily-digestible, visually-pleasing format that people love to share. It’s always convenient when you already have data that will just naturally make a great infographic. But don’t just wait for that to happen. Build infographics into your strategy, then find the info you need to make them happen.

    Remember, you’ll want your content team to work closely with your design team to bring your infographic to life. That includes SEO — since Google can’t read images as well as text, you’ll want to ensure your infographic will still rank with a search-friendly format.

  4. Reuse Your Existing Content — Everywhere
    Repurposing your content is a total win, win! Not only does it allow you to get more mileage out of the content you already have created, but consistency is crucial to building your brand. Turn images from your blogs into social media posts, use the same images in your ads that users will find when they click through to your website, and brand all images with your colors and logos. The more your visuals become recognizable, the more you can create the illusion that your brand is everywhere.

    But keep in mind — every platform and ad type will not only require different dimensions but also have their own best practices for success, so make sure your assets are optimized for each placement.

  5. Hire a Team of Visual Communication Experts
    It’s a common mistake of marketers to assume that all graphic designers are also fluent in visual communication — it’s a special skill to design content that tells a story. Many designers are unable to accurately depict data and not all will put in the effort to understand your brand and goals for the content more intricately. Make sure you have a team trained in visual communication who can help you create a strategy for your content that will get results.

Speaking of visual communication experts, the Assemble team can work with your designers to ensure that your content tells the right story for your marketing goals. Contact us to learn more about our process.

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